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The golden era ended where the time humanity needs to evolve through the sudden changes, it can be dangerous yet it can contribute to their growth but one thing is certain— as long as you have dreams and inspiration, the journey will be fun for you. This is the story of Valor who was cursed from his childhood but was blessed with talent and luck, one of his lucky moments is when he triggered the blessing of a celestial race which he doesn't know how but one thing is known— everything comes with a fee. he rose with his talent and the support of this beings, traveled the treachery dimensions, and crossed the infamous spatial bridges just to find a way for his curse to stop. But along with it is the truths and mysteries of the dimensions, something amiss yet all are magnificent and also seem right. ---------- ps. The first chapters are just for the intro and some info but the major ideas to understand the structure of the story will be mentioned in the following chapters. Shameless regard. You voting encouraged me to update more

creator_64 · Fantasy
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