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My (Monster?) Hero Life

My (Monster?) Hero Life

Our protagonist Kace suddenly gets reincarnated. With a voice in head he has to wonder. Is it god? More like a twisted goddess who has a grudge to settle. His perfect life seemed to be within his grasp and the excitement was unbearable. Though a random thought and a bored 'godess' quickly derailed these dreams of his. I guess even Monsters need a hero. Building a new life in another world could never be easy. Especially when it begins with a mad goblin shaman and a murderous orc hanging around. Sigh. Join Kace on his journey of evolution. As a hero for monsters his only goal is to gather a team of powerful allies like himself. To end the invasion of the evil human race. From humble beginnings in caverns on a mountain, to forcefully taking a town for the monsters to call home. From heading out to sea to discovering dark secrets hidden from prying eyes in absolute darkness. He's in a race against time, seeking to uncover the truths of this new world before it's too late to save it. Abandoning ones humanity has never been so noble!

Antihero · Fantasy
The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus)

The Lustful Dungeon Master (Hiatus)

What happens when an omnipotent system takes over Earth, and forces everyone to live and evolve by its rules? Will the Havens flourish? Or will the Dungeons take over Earth? ... Read unreleased chapters in advance at patreon.com/erosaint ... I don't own the image, so if you want me to take it down. Just send me a message.

Ero_Saint · Fantasy