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The Queen's Lullaby

In a kingdom with barren lands and distasteful life, yet where magical fantasies roam free. A princess was abandoned because she was known to be useless, but things changed after she was banished to another country. The Queen's lullaby.

KingKris · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Blood Of Deception

Ancient times were all about customs and principles. And she wanted just about everything they forbade. By secretly dwelling outside the palace walls, Meiyue began to develop affection toward a commoner man, something scorned by the upper-class society. Soon as the kingdom gradually fell into a political war, Meiyue life’s was offered up as a bargaining chip by none other than her own mother. But little did they know that everything was set up in an ancient scheme that started with that bloody night fifteen years ago. The solution might fall on the same commoner man, who joined the fray to bring back the youngest princess from the enemy’s den. And the truth he stumbled upon along the way would not only alter the reality he knew but also lead to a terrible discovery that’d leave Meiyue’s dream of a future with him to ashes.

KurosuMiei · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings