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Ms. Supreme! Mortal or Immortal?

Ms. Supreme! Mortal or Immortal?

A 12 year old girl got kidnap on her way back from school. Falls from tunnel which ended in open air. Wakes up in old man's house surrounded by animals which can transformed into humans. Get home after two years. Unwilling to tell what happen in the mean time. She lost her parents. She saw their deaths in front of her eyes, she was not able to do anything. She was in shock for two days. When she opened her mouth she only said three words which leaved everyone stumb. "It was murder." What is going through her mind? No one knows. And she only know two things. Revenge which she promised to herself. And promise which her parents asked for. To fulfill both of these her friends are with her. She have a team now to complete her promise. And also some secrets about the world which are only known to her and her partner.

Vaishnavi_Patole ยท Fantasy Romance
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