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To say Tristan Batraz has had a rough life would be sugar-coating his situation. He and his mom have lived in five different towns (and heading for his sixth), been relentlessly bullied in every last one of them, and is being forced to live with his curmudgeonly grandfather who hates anything pertaining to magic, mythical beasts, or fantasy worlds; the very things Tristan adores. Mix that with his dominant Asperger's Syndrome, and it seems like it will all result in a miserable freshman year of high school. Until, on the first day at Tristan's new school, he meets Gwyn, an energetic and optimistic girl who gives Tristan a chance. Oh, and she also lives in a world called Minntreima, a realm where humanlike animals thrive and humans are a rarity. To Tristan, a born fantasy lover, being able to live out his own fantasy adventure is a dream come true. But something sinister is threatening this new realm with an approaching destruction, and if Gwyn and Tristan don’t discover what is happening or how to stop it, Minntreima won’t be the only world in danger; Earth will also face its premature doomsday.

DragonWriterArts · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
Rise Of The God
and Goddess Of

Rise Of The God and Goddess Of Death

David Is Reincarnated into a fantasy world where he is the God of Death he must find the Goddess of Death but finds out that the God and Goddess of Death are very feared for their power Book cover from https://images.app.goo.gl/sqeRCPfWrHMXb23K8

God_Of_Darkness · Fantasy
Not enough ratings