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War God Spirit

In the world, war spirit was a kind of inherent talent of the martial cultivators. Because of different attributes, every martial cultivator would awake different war spirit when the spirit door opened. Ye Feng, the descendant of a meritorious general, was adopted by the Nangong family because of his family's decline. He was the childhood sweetheart of Nangong Lingshuang but a loser in the eyes of the public. To save Nangong Lingshuang's life when her spirit door opened, he sacrificed his Spirit Energy, which was comparable to life. But, what he got were Nangong family's dissolution of engagement and murder. Thanks to his father's legacy, the Green Dewdrop, he got mighty energy, it rebuilt him with the second life. "Nangong Chen, you betrayed me. One day, I will make you regret for what you've done today!"

Udit_Purohit ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings