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[ON HOLD - Updates will continue in 1-2 weeks due to contracting processes] When you say that all the magic happens in your bedroom, you're usually talking about one thing. But if you're Cameron... Well, while everyone else is fast asleep dreaming, his mind travels into the future and he has no control over it whatsoever. That might be neat when you just want to have some fun. But not when you keep getting thrown into situations where you constantly have to face the person who broke your heart. Especially not when their life is slowly deteriorating right in front of your eyes. Drugs. Guns. Suicide. And there is nothing Cam can do to save him. Unless... A Coming-of-Age story about finding true love and learning how to let go. © AnnikaTheGerman, 2020

AnnikaTheGerman · LGBT+
Lilac Blood

Lilac Blood

Marilyn_Buzard · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings