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The System Tricked Us

[Mysteries...1 chap/week..for now] The system tricked us...this traced back to the history at demon world before a millennium....when the situation was dire the system was introduced. Yes, they were living for a million years....and the lifespan of demons did increase several folds thanks to the system's levels....but there was a conspiracy in it...Rachel and Lemy escaped while the remaining faced tragedy including both of them being the prey must be killed...the tragedy was internal conflict...but How?? the question remains...but little did the demons know there was someone....controlling behind the scenes. Rachel was named Rachel the scoundrel...if he sees a beauty he persuades and wins over their heart...nevertheless he reached a barrier that was his system...everyone living in the demon world had systems...Rachel was the same...but who knew these systems will turn out to be evil...at the end...however all his troubles started from saving a girl from prison, the residents of the demon world described her as "death god" why? because she started killing people like on a spree with bloodshot eyes...thus they locked her however when Rachel noticed her, he felt she was different from the rest thus he decided to save her and indeed he had done it...but he ran away from home why? his relatives and kinsmen went against him. When the system appeared publicly they gave promises of this and that...but who knew they fulfilled it though...the demon world had to pay a very heavy price....being everyone dead against Rachel....but why target Rachel?? because his system given by the system race was.....murdered...a system was murdered and it is impossible to kill a system...so "they" branded him as hidden danger...thus issued an order to kill him. By whom? and why? this question revolves around... and at their final breath a...person appeared or an old man though his face can't be seen his voice could be heard...he was a legend from the old times of demon world before the system appeared publicly...Rachel was uttered speechless...he was informed that this was "the game of thrones" game or test the old man describes...yes it was a brutal blood bath...the old man rewarded them for surviving this brutal conflict...which was to reincarnate them into the human world. Everyday routine! or a ballad! Rise and shine~ My lovely pine but pls don't whine~ All my tags~ To my system's taxes(basically the system makes him pay)~ Yes, towards my system given as it is~ A huge will be the crisis~ Rachel on the move~ Reincarnated from his grove~ With his marvelous heroine~ He says to his system, "pls don't make this ruin,"~ Pleaded with his might~ Feeling it was right~ Little did he know~ He was labeled by the system as low~ Kakakaka laughed the old man~ Embarrassed, thus he ran~ Chasing him is Lemy~ Who knew she was a dem...Oops~ A slip of tongue~ May ruin the prologue~ A conspiracy, is it?~ "They" questioned themselves within the light~ While the princess is pouting~ Rachel is smiling while complementing~ She felt happy so her pouting withered~ Hate to be belittled~ The princess ultimately at first encounter chose him~ Ara Ara~ teased the queen on a whim~ Embarrassed princess on the fuming red~ Escaped she and Rachel against the bed~ Ara Ara~ what happened next~ Find it in the text~ Share and spread~ So that it can lead~ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Hehehehe...enjoy the novel!! XD

mystic_shadow ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings