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Let Out The Beast [EXO]

Let Out The Beast [EXO]

Hundreds of years ago, twelve EXOnians left EXOplanet and went down to Earth. They wanted to live a peaceful life as humans and not have to worry about working as a soldier and killing people as ordered. It was forbidden to fall in love with humans, as they were not of EXOplanet's kind. Having two kinds with powers would result in a war causing one to override the other and take over planets. Because these twelve EXOnians broke the rules and had children with humans, EXOplanet will have to search for these children and tame them become an EXOnian rather than a human with special powers. EXOplanet is not just any ordinary name that is known throughout the universe. It contains some of the most powerful beings. EXOplanet's ruler ordered trusted soldiers to send their sons down to earth to tame beings that have been given special abilities at birth. Their goal is to let out the beasts within those who do not understand and know how to use their ability. Their ancestors left them the prophecy that if any EXOnians were to ever leave the planet and have children else where, the current ruler will be responsible to tame those with given abilities at birth so that the powers will not be used for evil deeds or to hurt innocent people. The two chosen soldiers' sons were made a leader in two groups. Wu Kris was the leader of EXO Division A and Kim Suho was the leader of EXO Division B. They were to lead the members in their group to find these humans given ability at birth down on Earth. Three hundred years have passed and they have finally found the twelve humans who have abilities as them. In order to lure them in, Kris and Suho gathered the members together and decided to open an academy called EXOcademy. They requested that the EXOplanet ruler send down some soldiers to the academy and make it seem like they were students so the humans would not think it strange that they are the only students attending the academy. After the request have been completed, Kris and Suho sent out letter invitations to the twelve EXOnians' children to attend the academy. Right at twelve a.m. their door bells ran on a full blue moon night with the invitation suspiciously left on their doorstep.

KhunJae · Fantasy
Not enough ratings