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Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World

A man from our universe that will do anything to obtain love take over the body of Minato Namikaze when he first unlocked his chakra I do not own Naruto. Ps: I dropped Slime Domination, and I instead will focus on this one.

Shinkaio_Genesis · Anime & Comics
BNHA: Minutely Hero

BNHA: Minutely Hero

He couldn't care less when they gave up on him. His mother turned her back on him. His best friend became his bully. Heros frowned at him. His quirk tried to end him. What else should he add? He sold his soul to something worse than a devil. And you know what, he doesn't give a flying frick since he'll become a hero just to shove his success in their faces. P.S: Izuku ended his life at the age of fifteen, so; so long sucker.

Snorlaxin · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings