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Island Dance

Island Dance

Dom sighed, kicking a dent in the locker before leaving out the back door. How the hell was he going to find a local with those descriptions. Specially by this weekend. He knew almost everyone on these islands and none of them were of royal decent. He didn’t even believe this proficiency that was handed down. Not when things are going this wrong with his life already. He was almost thirty five. The women would have to be under thirty, weird color hair and eyes. Strong willed and not to mention local royal descendant. Why did his father give him this kind of a…….. SMACK. Prince Dominqik Orpheus Ratittii was the next in line to the Southern Islands. His ancestors have been royal since the birth of the islands. Since his birth, he has been taught a dance that the God Orpheus is said to perform to attract his long lost Goddess of Joy, Zinna. When they were God/ess they were very much in love with each other. They created song and dance so perfectly that their very souls understood each others. The proficiency go deep with the royal family, that one day the two will be reunited after a island changing disaster. Meanwhile, for centuries, the Ratittii royals have been making money at their restaurants over the dance that was to be said would attract Zinna to Orpheus. Now, with Dominqik's life in shambles, he makes a deal with his father to find the Goddess.... chances are impossible. I walked out of the hotel and around the back. It was a pretty easy setup. The beach was to my left, shops to my right which included the hotel, cafes, souvenir stores, and bars. They didn’t have cars, but airplanes, boats and bikes. I walked with my head down, still a little peeved about the current situation. I should never agreed to come out here. Never! This was ridicules. I knew he was cunning and dangerous but it just felt like a……. SMACK Zarina Annia Kilakia is the Princess from the Eastern Island, that was demolished in an island disaster centuries ago. The Goddess, Zinna used her last immortal powers to relocate the people of those islands, to the main Northern continent. Her tribe, in contribute to the proficiency that was handed down, was to teach their daughters the royal dance to attract the God Orpheus. It was a tradition more then a prophecy until Zarina goes to the Islands for a business trip with her boss. She soon discovers that maybe.... traditions hold truths. ** AUTHOR NOTE** Story contains graphic gore, adult language (heavy at times), and adult situations. Over 17 years old is advised. The novel is written in first person view of Zinna, then second view with Dominqik. (Kinda like the Twilight book) It gives a feel of both female and male lead.

gingerbeez37 · Fantasy Romance
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