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The Tale of Three Sisters

The Tale of Three Sisters

One day, Ivy, the eldest of the three sisters bid goodbye to her aunt and siblings. She's going to work in the mysterious castle at the top of the hills as a housekeeper, promising them that she'll come home for a visit once a month. A month passed. Two months passed. Ivy never paid them a visit. Worried to death, Kate went to the castle to check on her sister. She promised to return three days later. However, she never returned. After one month of waiting and still, there's no sign of her sisters returning, Ella, the youngest of the three sisters was getting restless, she was consumed with a burning desire to investigate what happened to her beloved sisters? Hence, Ella sets forth on a journey to find her missing sisters. What she found and discovered inside the castle was simply...shocking and totally out of this world. For it's too late for her to know that once an outsiders step inside the castle they can never get out alive. Unless... ~~~~~~~~ *My Other Novel on this site* 1.) The CEO's Painted Skin ~ completed. 2.) The Last Embrace ~ completed. 3.) Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife ~ Ongoing.

Lizabelle88 · Fantasy Romance
Rafael Sinclair's Revenge

Rafael Sinclair's Revenge

"Tis better to have loved and lost Than to never have loved at all" ~ Samuel Butler => They say our past defines who we truly are. We admire them from the present and learn. Unless for those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But for some their history is just a nightmare they're trying to wake up from. Vivia, a beautiful yet smart girl, not so innocent, not so experienced either. But she is successful in her own way; neither rich nor poor. She has a past like everyone else; dark enough to haunt her but not strong enough to hold her. Rafael, he's rich, he's handsome and with a good heart he never shows yet he's cold, arrogant and has long lost his heart to his own demise. More successful than anyone he ever knows; but satisfaction is not something in his dictionary. Women are his chess piece to play and he sets the rule of the game. He has a past he wants to unwind and make those who needs to repay for their past submit to him. She was running from her past. He was searching for his. Both with one common resolve. Love is something they don't have the luxury to believe in and lover is a far fetched dream they do not see. What will happen when their past intertwines. What happens when one drowns so much into the web of deceit and revenge that they themselves fail to hold onto what's valuable to them. This is a story of revenge and redemption; attraction and affection; love and loss. Doesn't every story gets happy ending? But then again, isn't happy ever after is just an ironic thing? * Short Chapters * * Please don't ignore and give it a try * * Please comment and definitely vote.* *Contains some swearing and grammar mistakes I'm sorry for; which I'll also fix eventually.* #Thank you for your patience.# LOVE YA

Naz_Cris · Realistic Fiction
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