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The sole Ashikabi in DxD

Reincarnated in a different world as Ragnar Weber, at first he felt relaxed that everything was fine. Magician Family? Fine, he loved magic anyway. Normal Life? Might be fine, but prefer an adventure life filled with magic instead! Facing natives of Africa, magicians of Germany along with supernaturals like Devils, Fallen Angels and angels. He finally took his first step in this unfamiliar world, but it was only later he realized that the world he never understood due to its similarities to his previous world in both history and present. This world of magic the goddess of death "dumped" him in, was the world of DxD. But will it purely be DxD? Knowing that more people like him might arrive in this world, it will become chaotic. "I found you!" a beautiful girl entered his view, it was only a brief instance their eyes met followed but an intense feeling of desire. Desire to take hold and never let go emerge within his heart, it felt smothering like they were overheating. "My Ashikabi!" the girl said with a bright smile, changing the initial plans Ragnar had for himself and his small family towards the height of aiming to become a king. ****** "It has finally begun... The Sekirei plan" -------- Just another writer trying to waste some time writing this book. I do not own the cover, And the respective creation of original stories belongs to their owners. Except my original creations naturally. Lyrics belong to their respective bands, singers, etc. This is just a laid back book, enjoy it or not. It's up to you! I'm the Handsome Noob, Look forward to my book or not!

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