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The 'Unexpected' Twist

A lady who is a wall flower. A daughter who is unloved. A sister who is a pushover. A fiancee who is boring. A helper who is adored. Yes, this is that kind of story. But what happens if there is a twist? Much better. Even better when it is unexpected. This is how an unexpected twist changed the story. Running away, can Adrienne still escape from the clutches of fate? Everyone has hopes. But, there is only one question–can hopes ever be fulfilled? ___________________________________________ It's the author here.This story is purely fiction.It is my own story with its own plotline.Also, this is my very first story on Webnovel.Vote,Comment and Share. Min Yoong Me.

MinYoongMe128 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Gamesmanship: Spuriously Played

SHATTERED FAMILY UNFORGIVABLE ACTIONS BROKEN TRUST. Her Life Is A Game Of Chess. One Wrong Move... Just about three years after the "suppose" demise of her parents, Kitsune found herself thrown into the past. The reasons why her life was broken. At the age of ten. Being as smart as even Einstein himself. Kitsune assumed the role of an heiress with the guide of her Uncle. Kitsune unravels the truth hidden within her once-perfectly-normal-family, Is seeing "ghosts" of her parents anything? Especially when she found herself looking at them from across the private airport runway... how should she determine her next move? Will she be able to settle back down or will she die trying to "save" her parents... >All Rights Reserved

KitsuneNight · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings