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Fairy Tail: Sun Eater

Ben Cooper was an elite soldier, but a tragedy change his life. That tragedy lead to his death, but it isn't the end for him. He get a new life in a new world, and he won't waste it, he will enjoy it in his own way. He is born in Earthland, World of the fantasy manga/anime Fairy Tail, world of magic. Given the Sun Dragon Slayer Magic by the one who give him this new life. So, he is basically a Sun Eater with his Dragon Slayer ability. ______________________________________ Cover is MC's face that was drawn by my sister's friend. I will post more pictures of MC in my patreon for my patrons. Artist name: Fatma (Instagram:@fatmaqn_) ____________________________________ Disclaimer: I don't own FT and it's character English is not my first language, so pardon my bad grammar. I've tried to improve it after messy early chapters. It might still not good enough, but I hope it's better now. ________________________________________________ Follow me on Patreon to read some up to 35+35 chapters ahead of this story. https://www.patreon.com/CaptMermain My fanfics are: "Transcended as Lord Buggy" & "Fairy Tail: Sun Eater"

Capt_mermain1 · Anime & Comics
444 Chs

Just Another Isekai Story in Fairy Tail World

The story of a guy who somehow ended up in the world of Fairy Tail two years before canon. He does not remember anything about his past, but he is well aware of the threats that hang over this beautiful world. Watch Nathaniel Drake survive in a world full of magic, dragons and beautiful girls with the him magic - Light Écriture (analogue of Freed Justine' Dark Écriture). (https://www.scribblehub.com/series/560485/just-another-isekai-story-in-fairy-tail-world/ https://www.fanfiction.net/s/14133804/1/Just-Another-Isekai-Story-in-Fairy-Tail-World-Self-Insert-Fanfic) P.S. For more chapters, check out my pat*reon. I would appreciate any support as it will motivate me to keep writing. - pat*reon.com/nanutov55 P.S.S The chapter release schedule is one chapter on Wednesday and one chapter on Saturday.

Nanutov55 · Anime & Comics
84 Chs

Fairy Tail: The Dragon's Sin

SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE MANGA TO SEVEN DEADLY SINS, FAIRY TAIL, OR FAIRY TAIL 100 YEARS QUEST, READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. ======= After a fierce clash with Cath Palug, Cath decided to test the limits of Chaos on Meliodas and as a result, Meliodas is drastically weakened and is sent into a different unknown world. Stuck in this new world, Meliodas has to adapt to this new environment, regain his power, and find a way back to Britannia. This is sort of an AU. It follows Fairy Tail canon but has a lot of extra things in between that I try to keep lore friendly but would never have happened in the main story. If you want to support the story, donate to our Patreon! patreon.com/Shayzero follow @shayminnerdform on twitter You won't get chapters ahead of time on Patreon, but you will get access to various concept art, sketches, polls, and notes of our planning process.

ShayZero · Anime & Comics
230 Chs

Fairy tail: Magic General

John Osborne is your average teenager that loves anime and novels. Unfortunately? or Fortunately? He got run over by the truck himself truck-kun, Reincarnating him in the world of fairy tail with a cheat and a non-mainstream magic. All the characters here except my OC are the property of Hiro Mashima and all related franchises. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ENhyK5Ff Image is not mine, just found it on internet

Xenodia · Anime & Comics
109 Chs

Fairy System In Fairy Tail

While Natsu And His friends fought side by side against evil, against time, different worlds, different timelines... Eventually in each and every tree root of all alternatives futures when they reached the point of creating the Time Hole to seal Acnologia the burst of energy from going back and forth in time messing with the order of things burst out reducing everything in an empty space leaving an injured Acnologia only to turn into nothingness as well... The Gods Sighed they reverted the world back again and again but this realm was reaching it's limit... thinking a solution they decided to ask for help from the Celestial Realm Dragon a being so powerfull none of the Gods could contain her in their worlds letting her travel in the gaps of realms watching countless worlds and mortals... It was then that the adventure of a certain someone Began!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seion · Anime & Comics
630 Chs

Fairy Tail: Djinn Take Over [COMPLETED]

An otaku dies because he saves someone from the Legendary Truck-kun. He gets the wish come true of all the otakus out there.... I don't own fairy tail neither the cover...

TNT_Subho99 · Anime & Comics
120 Chs

The Second Opportunity in Fairy Tail World

Isekai? My previous life was not satisfactory, so I will take this new opportunity reincarnated in another world and live without regrets, so that when the end comes once again, I can leave with a smile.

rosasola · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
33 Chs

Guild Management (Fairy Tail AU)

Magic Guilds are a staple of Fiore's economy. Need something delivered? Guilds. Pesky monsters inhabiting your farm? Guilds. Something something bad? Guilds. Essentially, they're a very important end-all business. For one Locki Wyn, that is just a bunch of work he never wanted. (Game elements. OC MC.)

Dabombd1g1t1 · Anime & Comics
40 Chs