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Happily Ever after

For centuries people had been coming to their realm, and spreading what they saw, even while knowing the truth. They’d call them—fairytales. What if the fairytale writers twisted everything? What if the bad guys are good, and the good are bad? What if their are characters completely erased, so that it was perfect fairytale? If you think this is a lie, well you're in for a story. You’re about to learn the truth, are you ready?

queenofthebitches3 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Fairy Godmother killed Prince Charming

"And they lived happily ever after. The End" All stories end well, except for Princess Freya and Prince Thomas. The fairy godmother Edaleen got drunk at the wedding and accidentally threw lightning at the prince. Now it only remains to flee. But on her way she runs into the villain Tristan, to whom she promises to give him whatever he wants in exchange for returning the crystal of her wand and helping her end the story with a happy ending.

kanguritox · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings