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A Rose And The Thunder

A Rose And The Thunder

She glanced up at him with a troubled expression and asked quietly, “Aren’t you ever afraid?” “Sometimes,” he admitted, “But then I think about all of those people who are counting on me. I put on that suit and become someone I was born to be. All of that fear and worry goes away after that, because I know that if I don’t save them, no one else will. This job isn’t just my duty or responsibility, it’s my passion.” —————————————————————————————————————————————— After being cryogenically frozen for decades, Sierra is resurrected in the futuristic world of 2060 where she discovers she is currently being held in a medical research facility in the U.S. Desperate to escape, she meets and confides in mechanical engineer and physicist, Hiram Hackenbacker, who allows her to seek refuge on Tracy Island. While adjusting to their way of living, she realises there is more to the Tracy family than meets the eye. In this futuristic world, there is an evil emerging, which threatens to put an end to International Rescue. With Jeff Tracy's five sons striving to protect the public from the reckless actions of the Hood and his Chaos Crew, will Sierra find the strength to overcome the challenges her new life has to offer? And how can she explain the warm feeling she has every time she's with Virgil? The more she gets to know him, the more she believes he could lead to the happiness she's always been seeking. This story is based off of ITV's 'Thunderbirds Are Go' (2015) television series and I do not own the series or the characters. I hope you enjoy the story and my interpretation of them. ~ sun_spark x

sun_spark · TV
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