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Daredevil Empress : Her Vengeance (BOOK 1)

A Quintessential HEIRESS by day and a Dangerous QUEEN at night **** “Which is better? Sliced you into half or burn you alive? Make a wise choice and I’ll make sure that your family would be safe…in HELL!” “Are you making fun of me?! Because right now I’m not in a mood to appease you and to ride all of your nonsense jokes! Stay away from me or you’ll suffer a consequences!” “I’m not the person that everyone knew! I’m nothing but a demon that’s hunger for bloodlust and revenge! So, please tell me…How? How can I find my own happiness if me, my own self, couldn’t found my true self anymore?” “I love you…I really do but I can’t…I’m sorry...” **** Are you ready to face the wrath of the vicious queen who had nothing inside her heart but hatred and revenge? Antoinette is your typical Heiress of a world-class upper elite Empire in the whole world. She’s the kind of a woman that you can imagine—intelligence, femme fatale, wealth and popularity among the upper echelon are spread like wildfire. No one in the upper circle of elites would never know about her. However, despite her almost perfect life, she had one little secret—and this secret of hers is a total opposite of what people know about her. This secret of hers will be buried inside her soul and swore eternal revenge for those people who had sinned before her. She’ll never forgot the pain and tragedy that she experience for the rest of her life. Suffering. Hatred. Betrayal. Death and Vengeance. Can she succeed on her road to vengeance? Or would she stop on pursuing her desires when she meets the two men that would change the course of her life? What would she choose? Vengeance or Love? Book 1 of Dark Crown Trilogy **** Winter Scarlette Vermilion @empressblackrose09 **** This story is a work of fiction. Any names, places, events, brands, incidents, actual events or existing locations are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living beings, business establishments are purely coincidental.

empressblackrose09 · Sci-fi Romance


It's the year 2040, almost everything had changed except how society cruelly works.... A medical sciences students is forced to be a test subject by a well funded, powerful foundation lead by global elites, their agenda? relive, manipulate and enhance a forgotten military tactic uncovered in the past world wars and continue formulating newer, stronger and deadlier methods to reinforce products of advanced warfare specializing in chemical and bioweaponry. Though, their ideals may seem wicked.....their main goals are noble, they want to create a variant of human species through scientific gene and molecular experimentation expected to surpass their human predecessors, secure a generation with evolved and enhanced abilities that can survive harsh conditions and, build a world of technological and biochemical augmentation. It's been 2 decades ever since humans have emerged over the challenges in the past years of the 21st century ; they triumphed, thrived and, evolved. But there were and always be something intrinsic from human nature ; GREED , POWER , CONFLICT, AND LIES... Just how far can humans progress? How far can humans sacrifice itself? How far can humans bear to lose their humanity over personal gain and societal development? "There is, but several answers for only one question, A lie co-existing with the truth to secure protection and, Immorality in laws created by people in power ; will you deviate? Or will you assimilate with the world's madness to belong?"

Ryzen19 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings