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Tank Lord: The Iron Beast

Tank Lord: The Iron Beast

The story would take a place on Africa and Europa as he goes on a campaign and fighting for the German Wehrmacht, the MC was defiant and always disliked how the SS Party doing things thus opposition always occurred. The MC always tried on trial due to always mocking and insulting the party but due to his exceptional skill, he always been let off from the court-martialed in the army, not only were his company supported but they were also loyal towards him because of his inspiring charisma they would even follow him to the death. During the last eastern front holding the front, his entire company were betrayed and backstabbed by the SS party from behind not only dying from that he was last killed by the enemy due to extreme infamy towards him but luckly fate said otherwise as he was reincarnated back once more to the battlefield, not as a tank commander but a newly appointed lieutenant with his first tank and teammates. On the way fighting to the eastern front this time, he would lead his newly recruited and formed team spearheading into the enemy line with his commander in chief who will support behind the line. Either he won the war or die trying, Blitz. Warning: Image or picture may change if there were any complaints about it and the word will be a normal English no mixture of the german word like Jawohl and anything similar. It's a work of fiction as the story is not based on real person and event.

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