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Naughty fantalia pontello: The magical book of fantasy

Felicity had a child with an immortal man and it was Jacob, the prince from the realm of fantasy. felicity gave birth and they named it Tamara. but there was a fight between the prince and the black soldiers, because they had an agreement to take Felicity's daughter, felicity felt betrayed. felicity ran away with her daughter. But felicity was killed because she was hit in the back by a poisonous arrow. Meanwhile Felicity's daughter is safe because she leave the baby safety into the hut before she died. The baby grow up and there are person who accepted the baby. She's named fantalia, She grow up naughty with a bad behavior, Until she met the man and remember, who hates her when she was at a young age. And there's a fairy who teach a lesson to fantalia's behavior, this fairy didn't know that her mission are already found, she knew it and that is fantalia pontello, the daughter of prince jakob from realm of fantasy, Princess Tamara is alive. The woman with leprosy ..., Men are chasing ... Everyone's dream... fantasizing ... Stirring ... Looking forward to it... But for her it was all just fantasy or imagination. Identify her as a fantasy assumption. She wants to get all those around her and not only that, but also the men she targets, who are even against the will but feel really different. And despite her heinous opps! fantasies of evil that she will once again ruin, She will be punished by a very powerful and very beautiful fairy of fantasies. Will it be possible soon?. We'll just know. "I hope I can reach you... But I just try to pull myself down and wake up to the truth ... Fantasy. But something can change fanta's behavior. The magical book of fantasy.

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