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Happy Ending Story

Happy Ending Story

After her father's tragic death, she distance herself from everyone, including her mom. She wasn't fully prepared for moving on from the event and now, her mother found another man who'll fulfill her after him. Jungkook, a player, stone-hearted faced the same event. His mom died when he was little, leaving him and his six other brothers with their dad. He then knew that his father found another woman and would like to marry her which he was so furious about. What they didn't know was their world was just connected. ___ "I told you to marry that man!" her mom shouted at her, stomping her left foot. "why would I? This wasn't part of the deal! I let you marry that old man and even let him take the role of my dad yet now, you would force me to marry someone who I don't have feelings with? I can't believe you" she yelled back. She ran away from her mom and went back to her house. ___ "Jungkook, get ready, you're meeting your future wife" his dad said, holding his wife's hand. "I don't even like Lisa, let alone be paired with her forever" he hissed and walked out. ___ 5 years later. "c'mon you're meeting your sister. She had arrived thirty minutes ago and is probably waiting for us, together with her husband." his mom told them while taking her bag and fixed her clothes. ___ She held her tears and looked at the night sky and said, "Jungkook, we can't. As much as I wanted to be with you, we're both married to someone who we don't give a shit." He took her hands and let her face him and said, "that's my point. If we love each other, then we'll fight for each other, for our love", to her. He kissed her hands and they shared a passionate kiss. ___ "if only I knew that this will happen, then I wouldn't have to do that. Shit, Lei, you make me crazy"he kneeled down, holding her bruised hand. "shit happens, kook" she laughed. ___ "we're divorced". They both said at the same time. She jumped on him and he twirled her, tightly holding her waist. "does that mean, we have a chance?" he asked her, lost in her galaxy eyes. "we do have a chance, we just didn't know how to find that chance" she smiled while pecking his lips. "if only I met you before your mom met my dad, then we would have kids by now" ___ "I now pronounce you, husband and wife"

Jeliane143 · Realistic Fiction
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