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Stallion Series (Filipino, Tagalog) - Stallion Boys of Exclusive Stallion Riding Club under Precious Hearts Romances

Stallion Series (Filipino, Tagalog) - Stallion Boys of Exclusive Stallion Riding Club under Precious Hearts Romances

A collaboration of Sofia and Sonia Francesca. Stallion Riding Club is an exclusive club for the rich, successful, gorgeous, and famous men in the Philippines. Nestled in Tagaytay, women dream of entering their secret paradise and capture their heart. Sofia's stories will be featured on this post. Each story will be posted per volume. Sonia Francesca's books will be preview only or teaser only. Video preview of Stallion Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOASTI9xb-A ***Photo credits to the owner of the photo To get a printed books with pre-order option and autograph: https://www.facebook.com/Myprecioustresures Shopee (with free delivery and COD option in Philippines): www.shopee.ph/sofiaphr To get complete ebook: www.preciouspagesebookstore.com.ph Keep in touch via Facebook: Sofia PHR Page Here's the official list of Stallion Boys: 1. Juan "Jubei" Bernardo IV 2. Eneru Villasis 3. Gregory Alfred "Gino" Santayana 4. Suichiro "Hiro" Hinata 5. Reigan Baltazar 6. Neiji Villaraza 7. Yue Anthony "Yuan" Zheng 8. Gabryel Hinasan 9. Brandon James "Brad" Alonzo Crawford 10. Rodjan Sta Maria 11. Kaiser Montezor 12. Yozack Florencio 13. Renzell "Zell" Zapanta 14. Emrei Rafiq 15. Romanov Querido 16. Jason Erwin "Jed" Dean 17. Crawford Oreña 18. Kester Mondragon 19. Phillipe Jacobs "PJ" 20. Eiraun Jimuel "Eiji" Romero 21. Rolf Guzman 22. Beiron Rafiq 23. Reichen Alleje 24-25. Reid Alleje 26. Peter Paul "Pipo" De Vera 27. Cedric Johannson "Johann" Cristobal 28. Daniel "Daboi" Bustamante 29. Angelo Exel Formosa 30. Gianpaolo Aragon 31. Thyago Palacios 32. Icen Villazanta 33. Hayden Anthony Illano 34. Rozen Aldeguer 35. Joziah Gatchalian 36. Cloudio "Cloud" Montañez 37. Eizhiro Figuerao 38. Zantino Roberto "Zairo" Montevedra III 39. Hans Cervantes 40. Baxter Saavedra 41. Mark Ashley Camello 42. Danilo Ricardo "Danrick" Tezzoro 43. Richard Don Robles 44. Ricos Caderao 45. Lee Shin Yang 46-47. Myco Gosiaco 48. Reiven Alleje 49. Ian Jack Salmentar 50-51. Trigger Samaniego 52-53. Jigger Samaniego

Sofia_PHR · Romance
It is what it isn't

It is what it isn't

Creset High School sweethearts Aera and Tyler come home and stay with a friend to attend their class reunion. They soon come to find out that things have changed in ways they couldn't have imagined.

Jx2Star · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings