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La Dos Españas:A Love Untold

La Dos Españas:A Love Untold Spain,people would seem to think of it as one of the world’s most greatest destinations.Yet you’ll never know what truly lies in the depths of its history.One of its epitome is La Dos Españas or better known as The Two Spains,the left-right political devision of the country that soon led to the Spanish Civil War.On behalf of all the terrible and horrid things that happened in these times,Will there be enough room to find love? Evonne Velazquez, in the other half of Spain, Pureza Eterna, she is the daughter of a great soldier and a devoted doctor. She spent all her life helping out people and taking care of the sick the way her mother does. She was always kindhearted, she will never hesitate to help the ones in need. Her generosity and straight up kindness made her known. In their area of Spain, she was everyones guide. She was the nicest of them all, she would always help wholeheartedly. Lorenzo Rodriguez, in the other half of Spain, Mortalmente Peligroso,he was known as the towns number one ladrón or thief in the English language. He was the son of Spain’s most wanted delincuente or criminal. He never saw his mother once! Some rumors has it that she committed suicide after his father have been taken to prison. He was indeed cold hearted to everyone, he wouldn’t even let a single soul to touch him. He was cold and distant to people, and he had a bad image and reputation in the entire left part of Spain. Though,the issue never got out of Mortalmente Peligroso, Pureza Eterna is left clueless of his cunningness. What if these two completely different souls meet by accident? Will Lorenzo, a cold hearted delincuente fall in love with the most kind and generous ángel, Evonne? Will the rules of La Dos Españas affect the relationship they have? Will their differences ruin what they have? “el amor no conoce la diferencia” love knows no differences. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED @2020 itsYsaaa_

Ysabelle_Encallado · Teen
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