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Limerence: The Ultimate Villain Loves Me

In which the hated Demon Prince meets a fairy girl. —————— He was a child born from infidelity and raised with hatred and neglect. Hunger was his breakfast, loneliness his lunch, and abuse his dinner. He learnt to laugh when hit, to smile when hungry, to become pokerfaced when lonely. The pain was still there though—that would never change. Nor would the insufferable boredom that broke him down from the inside out, clawing at him. —————— Was it so odd that one day, out of sheer boredom, he snapped back? Is it so odd that he doesn't care for much aside of entertainment? Was it bad that he was smart and everyone else was so slow? —————— Was it truly bad that one day, when he was still foolish and young, he left his prison and went to town for freedom of boredom, and brought back a slave girl who was so utterly quintessential, he would go insane without her? —————— Truly, was it so wrong?

Odd_Lily · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings