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Contract Marriage : Detective novelist falls into the past

What will happen if one day you wake up and find yourself centuries ago in a different country?? Alexis Russell was an A class detective who woke up to find herself in the ancient world in the body of Lu Chanchang who was also a detective. Not only was this enough, the male lead happened to look exactly like the CEO of Thompson Corporations. Mo Tingxiao was a complete miser and the rich second son of the emperor. What story will take place when the two of them are engaged in a contract marriage?? Will they fall for each other or continue to hate each other?? What will happen when Lu Changchang finds out that her father is involved in a major scheme against the throne?? Find out. Hi guys.. This is my second novel. I hope you will enjoy it. The cover page is not mine, all credits to the creator. Hope you will like it. My other novel- 1. My manager ; My first love

SM_V123 ยท Historical Romance
Not enough ratings