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you only love once

you only love once

mina falls in love with sanders, the most eligible bachelor in town and a successful businessman. She decides to follow him when he emigrates to another country. While everything was going the way as she expects, in the dark something else is happening. Young women of her age are going missing. spirits and supernatural existences occur around her, drowning her in ignorance and perplexion.while In search of the answers, will she find the love she seeks? "why is he so cruel towards me in my dreams while in the real, he doesn't even know my existence. am so pathetic". "baby, let me make love to you, please..."he was pleading her with loving yet lustful eyes. mina"no, no, i don't want to. it hurts. i want to sleep." her eyes were teared up, looking so pitiful. looking at her face he felt sorry and compromised. he made love to her so passionately making her forget her pain. "i, i th-think someone's following me. i don't know where i am." after wiping of a bead of sweat from her forehead "the place looks so desolate" mina was clutching her phone tightly against her ears from stopping it slipping off and paced forward rapidly into the darkness. he became tense hearing her words "baby don't panic. can you describe your surroundings to me?" looking around she gasped. "am in a cemetery!" whoosh...something flashed behind her making her drop the phone and it broke.

pretty_woman · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings