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Rise Of A Tri-Path Cultivator

Our Protagonist is a university graduate who can't seem to find a job. One night as he walks towards his home from another failed(of course) job interview something hits his head . The story is about a boy who rises to apex in a cultivator world by becoming the first ever Tri-Path Cultivator. (Tri-Path Cultivator = One who cultivates Devil Path, Buddhist Path and The way Of Dao) (If you are here for R-18 stuff it will take some time to get those started.) There a lot of grammatical errors in the first 5-6 chapter please comment directly on those sentences so i can fix them I am not the author. I am just translating it and making some adjustments. If you are the author please contact me (≧▽≦)

ThundeR_8934 · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings