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Immortal Cultivator System

Please Vote and Review With a helpful but somewhat annoying system and an unholy immortal inside his head, Jian doesn't exactly get the perfect start as he commences his journey to the pinnacle. But he better get used to it, monsters of all kind will join on his journey...For Jian does not care about morales, he cares about power. His rise to the top might be slow, it might be fast. But at least one thing is sure....He won't go down as another speck of dust in history. Prepare yourselves, Demons, mysterious all-powerful organisations and Mythical Creatures.....An orphan just got his first taste of power and he won't stop now. Warning: If you're looking for a novel centered on cultivation, this is not it. The main focuses are characters, world building and the story. Thr cultivation aspect is there but I don't want to spend too much time on it. Other Warning: This novel will not be centered around Chinese's culture solely. It will explore culture from other Eastern Countries and even Western Countries. If you wish to support me, head there: https://ko-fi.com/glasgow1 This book is part of the VoidVerse, just like my other story Dungeon Overlord System. Give it a try if you want to read an urban fantasy novel with a dungeon master's mc.

Glasgow1 · Eastern Fantasy

Percy Jackson And the New Protagonist

Atreus Jackson. Twin Brother to Percy (Perseus) Jackson and son of one Sally Jackson and The God of the Oceans; Poseidon. But… He wasn't always known as that. Join the MC as he Fight Monsters, Kill Titans, Slay Giants and F*ck the Girls. A/n: This is a semi-wish fufilment fanfic. There will be lemons, Girl stealing, and lots of fucking(Maybe once every 10 Chp). Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or the other elements I will use in this Fic. They all belong to their respective owners. P.S: This is a System/Gamer Fic. P.S.S: Hope you enjoy it. Peace!

Kai_Uzumaki · Fantasy
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6Arkanos6 · Fantasy
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