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Strong Husband Of Flower

Jin Fu, poor and freelance vlogger, wants to buy birthday gift for his girlfriend father. He goes film ghost in factory, controlled by Sunflower Gang to get 1000$ award. He meets with He Hua, boss of the gang. He Hua, boss of the gang, adores Jin Fu hacking skill so he drags him to be his follower. Inside gang, Jin Fu joins several new sequence of life different from his previous living. There are surprise things usually happen to him and he feels like it. Then he and boss of Sunflower Gang develop feeling for each other.

dolphin4d · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Winter's Dawn

Dawn has only known happiness in her life. She's known the ageless Damian ever since she can remember and grew up by his side in his castle surrounded by an impenetrable mist. Being the High Lord of one of the biggest regions of the continent, he has enough power to assure her a happy and innocent childhood. Having been loved by Damian ever since she was a little girl, the beautiful and pure Dawn can't help but feel attraction towards his handsome looks and loving personality. With her 18th birthday fast approaching, many old friends come to congratulate her and one accidently lets it slip that Damian was planning on solidifying the mating bond between both Dawn and himself. Discovering that she was his mate, she is at the same time relieved and frightened, but once the mating ceremony rejects Dawn and Damian's bond, he becomes furious and makes her his intimately and forcefully. Hearing that the beautiful maiden of the Blanc region is in fact unbonded, left without a mate, many men attempt to win her heart. Dawn however does not want to find her mate since being by Damian's side is all she's ever wanted. Will they both trust their love in the end or will everything crumble down, including their trust and their intense love for one another? The rights to the front cover don't belong to me. All rights belong to their respectful owners. Please make sure to comment, vote or review if you have time! Thanks, I appreciate it.

Misty_Plume · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings