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The Bully is Forgiven

The Bully is Forgiven

"Wh-what are you saying." "You are suffering from epilepsy, I'm so sorry," said the doctor. My whole world came crashing down. This can't be true. I can't have epilepsy. Why is he lying to me. I'm perfectly fine right.. right.. -------------------------------------------- Freshman Year! New Start! New People! Welp, not for Angie Walker she thinks everything is fine but when she reaches her first class of the new year she meets her childhood bully, Elijah Williams! He and her parents are best friends so they have known each other since they were practically babies. But, for some reason Elijah has never took a liking to her. But something happens that makes Elijah feel remorse for everything he did..

bbyxclairee · Teen
Not enough ratings