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I am the Entertainment Tycoon

An orphan dies while saving a bus full of children. For saving countless lives, the Universe grants him the opportunity to transmigrate to another reality. There he realizes his dreams of supporting his new family and opening a company that will shake the foundations of this new world. He will be known as the MasterChef of the gods, a superstar singer, the best Mangaka to exist, the best Director, the businessman of the millennium and many other adjectives. _____________________________________________ If you guys like my novel, send some Power Stones. comment and review it to support me. :) The novel’s discord: https://discord.gg/8WKpREx6Qk

StarryForestJaguar · Magical Realism

Empress of the Entertainment World

[Warning: MATURE CONTENT] “A wedding, yes, but not to this girl. You will go down because of this. I would make you pay a million times over. This is my promise to you.” Being drugged and unknowingly having a one-night-stand with a stranger, Andromeda Kai found out that losing her virginity was not as painful as being cheated on by her fiancé and co-designer a day before her wedding. Even with this setback, she refused to cower. She would repay her enemies’ schemes a hundredfold and stop at nothing till she stands on top of the fashion world! She is prepared to do it alone - but she gets help from someone unexpected! With the tale of a sweet romance hanging around her life, demanding her love and attention, Andromeda is confronted on all sides by the undying love of Liu Xueyi, the entertainment emperor, who would use all means to make the queen of the fashion world fall for him. So many secrets lay in the dark while her enemies try to steal her glory, ruining her completely. She had her plans. He had greater plans for her. He would make her rule and bring her enemies down, not as a queen but as an Empress! ***~***~*** This work is original and fictional. Mature Content! Hot Smut, You've been warned. Refrain from trashy comments and insults. It won't be tolerated. All characters are designed specifically. Do not expect perfection. Cover Mine & illustrated by @Laylee_hiu Read-only on WEBNOVEL ––––––––––– Discord server: http//discord.gg/BH666ZK Instagram: baevidaa Discord: BaeVida#7167 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Baevida Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/baevida Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC25S69WOTLDlvpL8GGjwi_A

BaeVida · Contemporary Romance

Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant

Zhang Xiaohua was a washed-up artist who tragically passed away in a car accident after heroically saving a child’s life. After his death, Zhang Xiaohua’s soul was transmigrated into a parallel universe where the entertainment industry has become sluggish. With a group of small musicians, memories and just his wits about him, he is forced to create something for himself in his new environment, working hard to sustain himself and his mother, while also trying to regain control of his father's company. Follow his journey as he attempts to become a world-class entertainment mogul and conquer the entertainment world by storm. _____________________________________________ *Get the first volume of the book: Google Play-https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=6KtjDwAAQBAJ Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FDK6N1P *Get Volume 2 of the book: Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FZCSXY5 Google Play-https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=87tmDwAAQBAJ Discord: https://discord.gg/TeTKhzp Get Some Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/huaxiang-entertainment _____________________________________________ Book Cover is by Yuumei Art who very kindly gave me permission to use it as my cover. She also has loads of other amazing pieces if you wanna check them out at: https://www.yuumeiart.com Why not try my new books: Angel of Death and King of Film

David_Tieku · Magical Realism

In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park

Arriving in a strange world filled with cultivators, Chu Che suddenly becomes the owner of an Entertainment system... Specifically, he becomes the owner of an Entertainment Park. [Chu Che: What? I get to own an Entertainment Park in another word? Author: Zip It MC. I'm talking. Chu Che: ("_")] .... The young Chu Che begins his rise to the top. And along his path, he becomes a legendary master who countless people dare not offend. [Emperor Hoshi]: Hahahahahahaha! I've just broken through after watching the 7th season of one piece! As expected of the entertainment park!" [The Great Elder Pei Mo]: "Damn You Park Owner! How can you close the park now? I was just about to rank up in the Elder Scrolls game!" [Fairy Wei Wei]: "This game is too much! How can I fall into a pit of snakes just like that? No way. I'm not reconciled! I, Fairy Wei Wei, must become victorious in this game of snakes and ladders." [Goddess Laila]: ... ~Oooooooooo! Why is it so tragic? What happened to senior John Snow? How can he be dead? Owner, you go in there and save him now!" (-_-) ... The mighty Chu Che opened an 'Anime, Gaming, & Fantasy Entertainment Park, which shattered the reality of many and led to the rise of countless experts. Thus, the young man became the most invincible man to all. . Thank you, everyone! I will post daily, so stay tuned! ......

Lumydee · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Lonely Entertainment

It is 7:18 pm, I left a convenience store and encountered a caravan. A vehicle that is not common in my city. With my temper overrule my common sense, I enter the caravan that turns out to be empty and start the engine. Soon, I am in this world, where I've been given a task. And my first task is about introducing myself.

Polisi25 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Entertainment Star

In an alternate world where every industry is a direct exact copy on Earth except the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry on this Earth is backwards. And it is up to Jason Pierce to bring it up to time with his "ideas".

Electric_Jean · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Cultivating In The Entertainment Industry

In the end, an accident happens, and a wisp of fragrant soul from another world awakens inside this body. The strongest female immortal, Lin Rui, looks at herself in the mirror, repulsed by the thick, smoky makeup on her face, and her colorful hair. She purses her lips and thinks to herself, ’This… What on earth is this?!’   "Mr. Yun, the cables attached to the diva Lin Rui's body are broken, she’s left suspending on the only one that’s still intact!”   "It's okay," Yun Ze says in a proud tone.   "Mr. Yun, Diva Lin Rui went to the primeval forest to participate in a reality show, and brought a bunch of beasts back with her!”   "Let her be," Yun Ze says indulgently.   "Mr. Yun, Diva Lin Rui's scandal is on the hot search, rumor has it that she is with a mysterious man… Huh? Where did Mr. Yun go?"

Yu Qijiu · Contemporary Romance

A Glitch in the Entertainment Industry

An Wen was an unknown, third-rate actress who had been invisible her entire life. One day, she slipped on a bar of soap and hit her head against the bathtub. When she re-opened her eyes, the girl discovered that she had been reborn as the most gorgeous fifteen year old anyone has ever seen! Given a second chance at stardom, An Wen's determined to succeed as a top actress this time around. Even so, would An Wen find her place among the stars? Or would she crash and burn, thus repeating the tragedy of her past life?

Fluttering Green Robe · Contemporary Romance