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Reborn in Majapahit Empire

Aji is a final semester student from the faculty of history who finds himself in the body of a wandering knight who was driven out of the house to help in the Civil War between the Majapahit princes. He was caught between the battle between the Majapahit princes, and the invasion of the Islamic Demak empire. So he decided to become a mercenary. Relying on his knowledge from the modern world which he learned halfway through. He tried to build his own army, wage wars, even build his own kingdom The timeline is in the 15th century . Where the Majapahit Kingdom began to collapse. Here I will try not to change the historical timeline as much as possible. This is my first novel so I apologize if a lot of grammar is difficult to understand. English is not my main language. So I'll try to fix it. I will try to post my novel 2 or 3 time per week. If You like it please support me with your rate, comment and a thumbs up! Thankyou Nb: Warning !!! . In this novel there will be many clashes between races, groups, religions and the like (because Indonesia does not yet exist). For readers who are anti-Chinese (well ... only a small number of Indonesians today) maybe you will be a little disappointed and angry, because in this century the Ming dynasty was the most powerful kingdom in Asia. Actually iam not a chinesee

Hanif_Achmad ยท War&Military
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