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The bereft Love

What would happen if two exes are meeting each other after 2 and half years later ? Both successful in their own field , but her constant heartbreaking memories of him is haunting her, to get out from him, she sleeps with many men , to throw him away and his cheater husband's memory , she became what she didn't want to !! "Are you planning to explode your ....umm...boobs ?" His unknowingly question caught my attention and I gave him a murderous look. Turning my head towards him and that handsome but a pervert debauchee was having a nasty smile , which may get attention of every petite woman , either blonde, dark or browny but that rusty smile, only made my adrenaline level rose high. That nerve of him. Srijita Sanyal is an aspiring legal advisor in a big law firm McLeod Private Limited. and is a divorced woman who is leading her life , without any disturbance , but fate had to take another roll and her ex- husband Adhiraj singh Shekhwat comes in her way, and he has been determined to make Srijita as his drowning company's sailor, the row woman and he is reliable to give whatever it takes, this two are going to have their end or the passion with rudeness and cruelty is the new definition of their love , Adhiraj had been defamed by the media and she is his only option to save his company , let's get into the ride......of their Bereft love.

19sun20 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Our love is wrong

What happens when a emperor fall in love with his sworn enemy that is also a prince... Will there love is wrong... What is the result of their love

rishi98 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


I think i like you you're my enemy but why did I fall for you? I used to be your enemy but why do I feel like this to you I know you are famous and I know that I am not the woman you will like but I will just go away I'll just stay away from you so I won't remember you.

Taehyunggggggggggg · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings