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Chris and Hazel

Chris and Hazel

When it came to handling life, Hazel was a PRO! But...well there's ALWAYS A BUT! When it comes to a certain topic, she was CLUELESS! And the topic was Chris! Christopher Finch, her new boss! Nah! This isn't one of the boss-secretary love stories....this one's DIFFERENT! -------------------------------------------------------- Six years ago, he was her college senior! He turned down her proposal in their college cafeteria. Six years later, he's back as her new boss! All these years, she was holding onto an invisible ray of hope and now, it finally shined! So, Happy Ending...? Not Really! -------------------------------------------------------- 'He's married now?' she asked in awe as she witnessed his kids walk out of his office. Six Years of waiting and life gifted her Heartbreak! Let bygones be bygones, she decided to move on! Is it really that easy? Well...she had to try. We all had to...at some point! -------------------------------------------------------- 'What could possibly go wrong now?' she asked confidently. And that's when life decided to unveil the answers to her long lost questions... The major things she failed to notice in the past...were finally disclosed! After all there was more to Chris than she imagined! Till now she was only aware of his love but as she searched farther, she could finally see it all... The tears, the betrayal and the vengeance all of it flaring up inside his cold blue eyes. At least this time, he won't face it alone...

Priyanka_cess · Contemporary Romance