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Hacking Special Armed Forces System

Hacking Special Armed Forces System

My name is Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana. I have become a goddess with the help of my system. I am also a hacker as well as a Special armed Forces agent. I am also a singer and an actress. how cool is that, You can say I am a jack of all trades. the system allows me to travel to many different worlds which is amazing. follow me as I travel to different worlds.

BellaEstrella · Magical Realism
Alora, the Silver Empress

Alora, the Silver Empress

'Where the logic ends, world of magic starts from right there' (an inspiration from all fantasy fables from childhood but not an ordinary tale) In a dream land there was a kingdom call Drayceland, a kingdom of named after dragons. It was situated in a peaceful hemisphere of the dream world and was the most beautiful and powerful kingdom surrounded by other magical kingdoms. This is the tale of an enchanted empress, Alora. She was born to be the ruler of Drayceland as she was born with unique powers. But as all knows 'uniqueness calls for its own adventure' the king Derrek locked off her powers with her all away from the world, even from her own twin sister Eva. This tale revolves around the adventure of mighty Silver Empress Alora, who comes out from her palace cage to find answers for the secrets engraved under her kingdom and make real use of her powers to protect her land.

Riyadanduk · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings