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Discovering Something New: What was Love?

Discovering Something New: What was Love?

War broke in the whole of Country L. People are in chaos. Fires are everywhere. Everything... is ruined. Who is to blame for this? After a year of losing against the country's external forces, the military finally found a possible weapon for a break through. Gathering a bunch of potential-bearing children, they started training them in a young age. Eyes devoid of emotion, hearts filled with desires for blood, bodies surpassing the average strength for their age; They are the best weapons for war. In the following years, they are constantly sent in the front lines to rule the battlefield. Finally, they succeeded. They won the war and the children were given normal lives. Some of them continued studying, some found themselves a family, while some continued serving in the army. The war is over, it finally came to an end. But that was only the start for Meili. Being raised in the military as a weapon, she grew up as - like her title - an emotionless doll. Her opponents were often stunned by her beauty, giving her a bigger chance to kill them. Her angel-like appearance was a contrast to her inner self. She's practically a devil in a sheep's clothing. Being the emotionless doll she is, she found it hard to live surrounded by different types of people. It was difficult for her to socialize. It's not that she doesn't have emotionts, it's just that even if she can feel it, she can't identify it. She can't understand it. Thus, giving her a disadvantage when it came to communication. The wealthiest family took custody of her. She was the strongest and smartest in all the children the military trained after all. She will also give benefits for their family, so why not? The Lu family's eldest young master found her interesting. Aside from that, he also pitied her for not having a normal life. He taught her the things he knew in business. He cherished her more than anything. He gave her a life that she could never afford if not for him. She was now the Vice President of the Lu Corporation. With her as an emotionless doll, it was even easier to do her job. Her usual emotionless yet seemingly harmless face gave her a huge advantage in closing business deals. While her fighting skills gave her a huge advantage in the underground society. She was a formidable businesswoman in the Lu Corporation. And she's the emotionless doll, who also happened to be the Lu Siqian's right hand woman in the underworld. While ruling the business world and underworld with Lu Siqian, she also have to face Lu Siqian's constant love confession to her. Although clueless, she started her journey to find out the meaning behind his words. The meaning of love. After trying to cofess his feelings for her only to fail countless times, he still can't find the courage to give up. No matter what, I have to make her mine. No matter how many times I fail, I'll just try harder the next. She can only be my woman. No one else's. WARNING: Do not read this if you are uncomfortable reading brutal or bloody scenes. I won't be restricting my imaginations and would try to make the fights as realistic as possible. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WEBNOVEL AND NOT A TRANSLATION.

Invisible_Ecka · War&Military