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The Schoolgirl’s Diary

The Schoolgirl’s Diary

Miss Theodora leads a perfect life. She’s the golden child who everyone expects to do great things: graduate, go to a university, maybe even start her own company. But her controlling boyfriend, Ian, has other plans for her, to quit school and become his wife. As she questions whether she really belongs with Ian, she gets to know two boys— Hunter, the boy she admires whose past is full of secrets; and Henry, the boy who admires her whose heart is on his sleeve. Soon Theodora’s perfect image starts to crumble and she is left wondering: “How long can I keep my mask on before people kind out the truth about me?”~~~ "Do you think I'm strange, Theodora?" “Not at all, why?" “The boys on my team think I’m a sissy for liking gossip and the lot. They think I’m, I don’t know...like a fussy old lady, I suppose.” “Maybe they just don’t have enough respect for their captain!” “Hehe...”

Lilly_Knox · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings