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Genius Seventh Prince

Genius Seventh Prince

Greyson was born as the talented seventh prince of the small Ley Kingdom in the desolate Snow Country but he ended up an orphan at a local church in neighboring kingdom. Follow this genius and his rise to the top in a world where magic reigns supreme. Information for me: Connect with me on Discord: https://discord.gg/eDfa64D

LazySky · Fantasy
Rise of the Legendary Emperor

Rise of the Legendary Emperor

Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold but can a single man take revenge on a powerful kingdom? Do you like it when a hero kills an arrogant young master but spares or falls in love if the arrogant one turns out to be a young miss? Do you like it when the mc collects beauties like trophies on every arc rather than working towards his goal? Do you like it if the MC has to save his friends and family every single time from his enemies? Do you like it when the MC is a goodie two shoe who has to save every single character he meets like a good samaritan? The answer is probably NO. This story takes place in a world ruled by the humans after winning the war against the other races and every single race has been hunted down like prey by humans ever since. However, everything's going to change when another worlder steps into this world with only one goal, to destroy everyone who wronged him in the past. But no one realized, there's an evil force from ancient times that has already started to wake up and the only hope to win against this evil force is DON. **NOTE** :- Before you read the book,you have to know somethings English is my second language and I've taught my self by watching movies and reading novels so you can find grammar mistakes though i always edit the chapters again and again. Its my fantasy world and i bent some unwritten laws of fantasy Dont hold back your thoughts bcz without you criticising I cant get better and improve the novel Dont read the novel with a sole purpose of finding logic errors and mistakes,just try to enjoy the journey Finally,SAY HELLO TO YOUR BELOVED/HATED AUTHOR (me) when you start to read the novel p.s - DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY THE AUTHOR'S RUSHED OUT/ MESSY / BAD SYNOPSIS !!!!!!!

don_offl · Fantasy
An Unparalleled King

An Unparalleled King

Having always been orphan Harry had suffered all kinds on suffering from young age, until he met a man who sold him to an Assassin guild, where he suffered inhuman torture to train him into strong assassin for the guild. Because of his strong will he didn't became a mindless killing machine for the guild. When he was strong enough Harry used all his wit and brain to think of the plan for his escape. Harry used his fake death to escape form the guild when he was on his to mission given by guild. After that harry went on using his skills learnt from the guild to become assassin who would only kill corrupted people. After few years Harry became No.1. All the assassin sent for his death met their death. After all this he didn't happy or accomplished from what he achieved. all he want was to have a big family live a peace full live. One day after Harry completed his mission, he didn't go to his hideout rather he went he a barren mountain that was near to the place of his mission, Harry felt something was calling him. After he went there he felt calling was coming from the sky when Harry looked up he saw a small meteorite coming his way. Before Harry could think of something he was hit by it. Feeling his death coming he didn't feel scared but he felt sadness for never feeling love from family. Want know what happens next in Harry's journey, then continue reading the story. Author Note: I'm new to writing so if you find any mistakes please tell me i will correct them. The story in the starting will be little slow but it will soon catch up the speed.

sriharry · Fantasy
Not enough ratings