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Gamer's Mimicry

Gamer's Mimicry

Inspired and accepted by AkiHuiWriting Hello lazy pricks! This is my first work,as above it was inspired by Aki. After being baited by the fake free hentai game AD's, Tyranel was sent to another world with the ability to be on his games as a way to increase his powers. What path will Tyranel take in his life?

SupremePlatypus · Anime & Comics
KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos

KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos

Ancient KurtzPels, the legendary heroes of the past, were imprisoned inside the Tower of Gods during the Great Change that was caused by an evil deity. However….. even after 400 years of their imprisonment, the Ancient KurtzPels’ will lives on through their descendants. They have created a KurtzPel organization called Chase, to prevent the oppressive Holy Bellatos Empire. Now, as the new member of Chase, players must fight against the Bellatos Army and prevent them from spreading their religious dogma. Reference: https://www.kurtzpel.com/story/ Update: Currently on Hiatus (Meaning I can't remove a book and store in drafts to then publish later, apologies.)

Rhyto · Video Games
Not enough ratings