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Literally indestructible, I’m an immortal no?

I wrote this story as an inspiration off of Claire Bennett from Heroes. This character will be about a lady (24 years) who was reincarnated into the body of a teenage girl (16 years) named Josie Alvador who had an immortal body. If she had a system her stats would all be maxed out. Including her mental ability. Everything about her is godly. Except for the fact that unlike other teens in this zombie apocalypse she doesn’t have fantasy like powers such as, a system like most reincarnated folks have, fire, lava(magma, water, ice, etc you know the deal. But that’s exactly what makes her so special because although she doesn’t have any fantasy powers she does have a space. And adding that to the many things she has that makes her immortal, it just makes her character more op but less interesting. That’s how all of my characters are and I think that’s the reason barely anyone reads lol. But enough about that I hope you enjoy.

Majesty_pristine14 · Teen
Not enough ratings