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Classroom Of The Elite : True Genius

Classroom Of The Elite : True Genius

[Warning, Google Translate] [If you don't like grammar that's bad, it's okay not to read] This is my first fanfic, so I still have to learn more to write Maybe the nature of Chara in this story is somewhat different from the original story which might also have a different plot though not much Chara is not mine except Oc Just writing for fun I hope you enjoy reading it .......... "Be a true genius" "Be the one who will destroy the other geniuses" "I live life freely ... But whoever challenges me, I will not remain silent" Happy reading...

Rheinn · Anime & Comics
Pokemon Clan Wars: A Shaymin Dilemma

Pokemon Clan Wars: A Shaymin Dilemma

Before I get on with the story of my adventures, I would like to give ya'll a brief explanation of the Omega Region. Omega is divided into two parts, the upper region and the lower region. Just like any other regions there are also gyms here to hone trainer’s skills and battling abilities. There are eight gyms from the upper and eight more on the lower region. Moreover, Omega is ruled by different clans. A clan is a group of trainers that is united by a similar goal whether it is to help other trainers or to rule over them, it doesn’t matter now. Clans are also originally the peacekeepers. They are the ones citizens of Omega seeks for whenever there is trouble or there are particular jobs that has to be done such as a commotion on the Pokémon in the wild or the likes. Our clan, Omega Ph is based in the Upper Omega, specifically in Memorial City. Members of a clan may vary with type specializations or can be dependent to the clan qualification and it is always led by a person we call the founder, and ours is named Leyn. Members can be classified as juniors or the new ones, seniors or the ones that has stayed in the clan for a longer period of time and leaders or the ones that was either selected by the members or appointed by the founder to help him/her keep order within the clan. But I am neither of the three because I’m a special case. I’m only taking residency in the clan, thanks to the good heart of Leyn, because I’m a member of the Government Elite Force. GEF is a group composed of eighteen trainers who specializes and represents the eighteen Pokémon types. It was established by the government to serve as ambassadors of their type specialty and is always, not to make myself cooler, the best of the best in the region because usually they were former Omega League Champions or Gym Leaders though there were a few exceptions like us that were appointed. Some members were really famous just like Lance the dragon Champion while others like me chose to keep behind the lime light and just perform our duties and responsibilities. I’ve even kept it a secret, and so far I think I'm doing a great job with it. GEF members are also the ones who becomes acting-leader once a gym leader position gets vacant until the rightful replacement is found. I hope this gives you somewhat a clear picture of the current situation in Omega.

SasithornWayo · Anime & Comics
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