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Phoixix beò.

Phoixix beò.

The fire has always been inside of her, burrowing in the deepest part of her chest like an ongoing storm. No one knew why, but she couldn't call it when her magic didn't want to come out. Scarlet Himura Amell was a lost girl who belonged to a poor fisher family, though previously she belonged to a well known noble house in Kirkwall when her mother stilled lived there. It wasn't something she knew, the circle became a place of safety, keeping her sealed away from the people who hated her and cursed her like the Darkspawn itself. She could have never seen what would happen later - The death, Betrayal, and love... But there is a price for everything and in the end... It would be something she treasured beside her adoring king.

Melissa_Mckenna333 · Video Games
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