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There was a girl and her grandfather that were just having fun venturing and hunting in the mountain that the gramps owned when a group of mysterioo black creatures ruined it. "Raliz run!" Raliz's grampa said and they started running. They ran fast as they could and got far away from th mysterious black creatures. They stopped at a splitted road with two directions. "Raliz, take this. This will protect and help you survive in the world that is new to you. Take the right and I take the left. You go find a dragon snake statue and pull the fangs. And then find the dragon snake statue again after the result happen. Do you understand!" Grandpa said to Raliz and she nod. She understood but it's still confusing to her especially the the gem that her grandpa gave her, statue and finding it. Raliz run and her grandpa shouted, "I'll be alright! I'll just distract them! And remeber, choose the right path!" Those are the last words that she heard from Grandpa and tears was falling in her eyes. After a while, she saw the statue. But she also heard something behind her, The mysterious black creatures! She reached the statue and pull the fangs on it and.... -------------- A voice called out from the universe. " I have my heir! The new and powerful god will rule everything and its my heir! All of the Universe will bow before her! Behold!" and it travelled across the Universe and could be heatd by other gods ang legends and it send chills and happiness in theirs. In a world where you have to be stronger than anyone to survive. Raliz was transported there. Surviving, evolving, and discovering mysteries along the way, Raliz will encounter such this path of survival. She will meet friends and families there and improve herself as a human being.

Infinite888 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings