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First Love (Kiribaku)

Lots of headcanons, and my own self-insert/character. Also contains shit-humor, some sensitive topics, and really fucking foul language. Read with caution. Updates also on Wattpad!

Gay_Loser24 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

KiriTodoBakuDeku omegaverse

Kirishima is an alpha, Bakugou is an alpha, Todoroki is an alpha, Midoriya is an omega. Izuku's real father in this story happens to be All Might. And All Might is Izuku's real dad in this story only. So don't yell at me for making All Might Izuku's dad it is a fanfiction and I know Izuku's dad is Hisashi Midoriya.

Luna_McClain · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Take to the Sky [MHA]

The is a world out there. One filled to the very brim with creatures and plants and people not yet known to man. Worlds of unknown origins. Histories of battles and wars and allies, religions of such extent that they could not be grasped by the simple minded, creatures so unearthly and yet birthed by the earth itself. Katsuki always wanted to know of that world. Kirishima will show it to him. And maybe they'll get into a little trouble along the way. _____________ KiriBaku Fantasy AU!

Prototype_BK · Fantasy
Not enough ratings