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Brain Splurge

I’ve decided to try writing!! This is basically just a place for me to write what I want and hopefully improve my writing, so if you have any criticisms or comments please let me know ! I’d love to write an actual novel in the future! Also I love to help proofread/ edit novels so if you need help raising your quality of writing, and you like what you’ve read here, leave a comment on my review of this novel so we can get in contact and I can help make your story shine! Hope everyone has a great day! Ps. This used to be called Abnormal Daily Diary but I figured I should change it since I wasn’t even remotely close to daily uploads

WORLDender2211 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Our Story That Cannot Be Written

Cryon Fontabilla was been broken hearted by hisbestfriend. He got wasted on a bar and the next day his life started to be complicated.

Daoist95D08S · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings