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It seems like My Life as a Future hidden Rich Boy is on the Road~

I'm a very poor girl, not because I'm incompetent nor am I not smart, a simple disinterest to things.. well life is boring as it is Of course my past time became reading books, books, and books, whether it was a contemporary romance or a smutty BL manga, everything is fine, the least it can do is ease my boredom But, yeah like an Isekai novel, although not in a car crash, an accidental choking of food or whatever, dying of old age or transported for no reason.. it was a simple death of lack of sleep.. Well who can she blame? She was that kind of loser.. So, interesting so, I was like in another space, but.. umm Yeah.. In this cheat like life, I feel like I'm in heaven.. I welcome my second life as a lazy BOY in another life~ --------- Warning, this novel is a work of fiction with my own imagination, further offense are all because of my character's personality, similar names and other coincidence are either copied for plot improvement or it's just a bit of coincidence.. readers who want to know some knowledge in this novel is not recommended, again this is fictional no matter how reality it is like(city, country, tribe, culture, etc.,)

IlovesmutBL69 ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings