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The Mastermind Inventor

More than five thousand years into the future, the society was at its apex, technology was thriving and humanity was the sovereign in and out of the Earth, until it wasn't. Everything humans built to create, apart. Technology, cities, countries, all of it was reduced to scraps and humanity lived in an apocalyptic moment for ages. Newborns didn't know their history, no documents remained. But no one was going to just accept it, and so, society was starting to rise once more through the scraps and remains of what once was the apex of scientific evolution. Two kingdoms rose, Forsakery, a fairly technological place, surrounded by high walls in the middle of the desert, was the main focus of science among humans. Far from it, stood Wyndrome, a smaller kindgom, surrounded by forest. With far less people and technology, it was a more peaceful place, with more natural resources. Those are the two bastions of humanity, standing to thrive and reach what society once were. Living through the eyes of Thales, a bright and eccentric inventor, creating his machines and being an energetic yet weird man. What can he reach, only through the remains and the scraps of the old civilization?

BambooDealer ยท Sci-fi
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