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Panchaali: The Blessing In Disguise

The beautiful princess of Panchaal, is the most sorted out for. She's believed to have the perfect life, but that's all what it was, mere believes. Reality for Panchaali is more harsher, beauty is not always a blessing but at times it could be a curse. It was for her, there were many people around her but not one friend. She had a family but no one that loved or accepted her. Lost was all she felt until she met the five princes in disguise who tilted her world upside down. Home was where her five childhood best friends were, but they too were separated with time. The pandavas had been through a lot of hardships but they wouldn't change their life if they could. After all they had each other and a loving mother, what more a person could ask for? It doesn't matter if their cousins hated them, but life is no longer same since they meet her, like a storm she threatened to cause a havoc in their lives and feelings but she's also the one that calms them like no other. Their childhood friend but too soon she was taken away, but life goes on so did they, a small part of them always missed her. Making them wonder where she was? This is a story of love and heartache, pain and sacrifice, a story that shall make you cry and laugh. This the story of the fire born princess Panchaali. *** This story is a fiction and is purely the work of my imagination. It doesn't intend to hurt any ones feelings, it's just here for entertainment purposes. The story is based on the Mahabharata, and all the characters are taken from it except a few who are my originals. The story will take some situations from the original but like I said they maybe altered. I repeat this story is here for only entertainment purposes. I'm sorry in advance for the grammatical and spelling errors, I shall continue editing once the story is complete. I hope you all enjoy my story. Radhey Radhey!

RadheyPanchaali ยท Fantasy Romance
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