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Victors Of R: Genesis

Victors Of R: Genesis

The world is devastated from the causes of The Great Change War. Everything change... From the green and fertile land turns into a color of Beige and a tint of pastel. While the sky that was usually blue turns into a mixture of Orange and red, while its clouds that soared the heavens seems to be thicker than before even in the summer season. The world is slowly DYING but humanity isnt and it seems they evolve adapting the changes of this era, they also change into a being with incredible power... and so does the creatures that roamed outside the City Walls. The walls that protected them from the dangers of outside is a good idea indeed but the only problem is how are they going to get supplies, food for everyone and materials for others. Although there are some lands that seems to grow plants but this lands arent safely hidden in this walls. And this is were they came in... Scavengers

RemContreras · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings