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What The King wants, The King gets. “He's very rough." A mistress whispers to the woman standing beside her. “He’s inhuman, breeds a new kink everyday. I was so close to being chosen last week." Another mumbles. “Never make eye contact with him, he hates it.” The middle aged lady whispers in my ear, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. ----- Ruthless, Vain, Perverted- the worst combination clubbed into one man, the myth- King Min Yun Ki. Attracted to pious and purity when his own hands are dripping in the blood of his near and dear ones. The reigns shift when a mere commoner rises to the ranks of the Queen Consort, his supposedly faithful better half. Can she infiltrate the man who sees her nothing more than just a slice of steak- medium rare?

Jinfiction · Historical Romance
Knights Of The Desert

Knights Of The Desert

Mohammed_A · War&Military
Not enough ratings